Foreign Languages Courses (inc French, German, Italian, Mandarin & Spanish)

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Learn a Language

Our Foreign Languages course offering is delivered by tutors who are experienced practitioners in various subject languages and specialist backgrounds, and their professional expertise and knowledge is highly valued by our students. At Colchester Institute we offer a supportive and stimulating environment for those who are working towards specialist qualifications in their chosen language. With outstanding tuition and learning resources and facilities, our courses offer excellent opportunities to learn a new language.

Acquiring a second language enables us to develop various mental abilities at all ages, and learning a second language is exciting and beneficial at all stages throughout life. It can offer learners many practical and intellectual benefits, as well as opening up a world of new opportunities when travelling abroad by aiding effective communication. Gaining language skills may enhance career opportunities in a variety of industries and professions, as well as a competitive edge when searching for jobs. Students may also wish to progress on to higher level language courses, and eventually to GCSEs or A levels in Foreign Languages.

New Courses

We are always on the look out for developing new courses should there be sufficient interest in them. We are aiming to run a beginners course in Portuguese. If you are interested in learning Portuguese please register an interest and we will provide you with the course dates as soon as they are finalised.

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