What Our Student’s Say

Katie Ryder, Professional Chef Level 3

"I really enjoy all the practical work and making a variety of dishes. All the teachers are bubbly and enthusiastic about the course which makes it more enjoyable. I wish to work in pastry in the future."

Archie Ellis, Professional Cookery Level 3

"Taking part in and winning the 2019 Inter-college Patisserie Competition was a great experience. It really put my cookery and time management skills to the test when the pressure was on."

Charlotte Pryor, Professional Cookery Level 2

"I chose Colchester Institute because I was impressed with the kitchens, restaurants and overall facilities. I love the new skills I am learning and the friends I have made who have become almost like family to me."

Brandon-Paul Bowles, Professional Chefs Level 2

"I love cooking because there's so much you can do. We cover so many different things so there is always something new to experience and learn. The College is a very welcoming place that has allowed me to make new friends and enhance my skills."