What our Students say

Amber Whitehorne, Forensic and Criminal Investigation

"What I like most is the practicality and hands-on learning of the course, the facilities and the support I have received throughout the entirety of my studies."

Cameron Rushen, Forensic and Criminal Investigation

"What I like the most is learning about the forensic side of science. It’s very enjoyable to learn and to meet new faces with the same passion for science as you."

Charlotte Macro-Johnson, Forensic and Criminal Investigation Level 3

"I have found my course really interesting, I particularly enjoy taking part in mock crime scenes and analysing evidence. I’ve also really enjoyed being able to get involved in many experiments, it makes learning more fun. As an added bonus, the College has new classrooms and labs, giving it a more modern feel."

Jessica Tassier-Gotts, Applied Science

"This course made me fall in love with science. The tutors provide maximum support. Each piece of work we do is a challenge but completing them is so rewarding."

Abigail Hiaett, Forensic and Criminal Investigation

"The course offers a more hands-on and interactive style of learning and is coursework based. I like the environment and overall facilities."