Introduction to Psychology

The Introduction to Psychology course offers students an introduction to some of the most important and interesting topics in psychology. Throughout this study of human behaviour and the mind, you will gain insight areas such as neurology, cognition, attachment, obedience and mental health. Sessions will be delivered using a variety of methods, including presentations and interactive exercises, to actively discover, acquire and personally relate to the concepts and ideas. There will be no formal assessments on this course.

Who Is The Course Aimed At

This course would be suitable for anyone with an interest in the field of psychology. This course may also help anyone who works in Health Care, Education and Support Services. If you are interested in going on to studying Psychology further, this course would be a great introduction to the subject, methods and principles within psychology.

Course Content

Session 1 – Brains, Bodies, and Behaviour

All in the mind. In this session we will look at how the central nervous system shapes our personality and perception. Evidence will come for brain injury patients and split-brain experiments.

Session 2 – Sensing and Perceiving

Seeing isn’t believing. In this session we will look at how much our previous experience shape how we view the world, using illusions as evidence of this perspective.

Session 3 – Early Child Development

One love. We will look at how attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person over time. Evidence for the importance of this bond comes for many case studies and experiments.

Session 4 – Psychology in Our Social Lives

Why do we behave the way we do? In this session we will look at examples of conformity and obedience to find out what factors cause these behaviours, as well as look at the wider implications of this in society.

Session 5 – Mental health

What is normal? Causes, symptoms and treatments of some common disorders (autism/ depression/ Schizophrenia)

Session 6 – Treatments

Getting better. An overview of common psychological treatments will be looked at, including psychoanalysis, CBT and Mindfulness.

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisite Knowledge/Qualifications: None

Introduction to Psychology
Outline: The Introduction to Psychology course offers students an introduction to some of the most important and interesting topics in psychology.
Duration6 Weeks
CampusColchester Institute
Start DateNew dates coming soon
AttendanceTuesday: 6pm - 9pm


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