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Colchester Pottery ThrowdownBeginners-IntermediateAdvanced Colchester Pottery Throwdown
We offer Pottery Throwdown courses at two different levels from Beginners/Intermediate – Advacned. Each course runs for 6 weeks, with learners able to progress onto the next level upon successful completion of the previous stage. These courses are designed to enable learners to develop their skills in ceramic processes.

Tutor Profile – Neville Tatham

Originating from Durham in the Northeast of England Neville has been working in Essex since 2003, producing his hand thrown ceramics and teaching at Colchester Institute. He has exhibited at various galleries and exhibitions nationwide and has over 20 years of experience in the field of contemporary ceramics that has given him a wealth of knowledge and a diversity of approaches that give this course, depth, inspiration and a variety of creative opportunities at your disposal.

Colchester Pottery Throwdown – Next Start Date: 25/09/17
This hands on practical course is designed as an introductory exploration of contemporary ceramic processes. Each week will be based around a specific outcome introducing professional techniques and giving the learner the ability to make their own pots and the specific tools and skills they require to extend their abilities independently. Ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Colchester Pottery Throwdown Ceramics Course content will include:

    • An introduction to Clay types and preparation
    • Throwing
    • Pinching
    • Coiling
    • Slab building
    • Casting
    • Decorative techniques
    • Tile making
    • Ceramic design
Next Start Date: 27/09/17
This course is designed as an opportunity for students to expand on the skills they have learned on a beginners pottery throw down course. Students will be given space and materials to develop their individual ceramic projects with support from the tutor Advanced techniques and processes will be demonstrated each week aimed at extending and enhancing the group’s ability and understanding. Each learner will be given their own individual learning plan aimed at extending specific areas of the previous course that captured their interest essentially giving them the option to specialise in an area of ceramics they enjoyed.

*This course is not available to learners under 18.

As these programmes are not government funded additional learning support cannot be provided

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6 Weeks

Start Date Beginners/Intermediate: 25/09/17 | Advanced: 27/09/17
Price £169
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Class Times 6pm - 8.30pm


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