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Offer an Industry Placement

The department of education (DfE) have made a commitment that all 16-19 year old students following a technical education route will be entitled to a quality industry placement to arm them with the relevant skills they need to give them the best possible opportunity to enter skilled employment.

Why is this happening?
Industry placements are gradually being introduced to replace ‘work placements’, and will be a mandatory part of new T levels being introduced over the next few years, which are designed to support entry to skilled employment in technical occupations at level 3 and above. A substantial, high quality placement with an external employer will be an essential part of each T level.

How is this different to work experience?
Work experience typically involves a student shadowing you for 1 to 2 weeks and most likely not necessarily having studied a relevant course to your industry. Industry placements will be for a minimum of 45 days with students who are studying an industry related course and after a period of induction, they can add value to your business.

What are the benefits to my organisation/business?

  • A step into apprenticeships: A fantastic opportunity to get to know your potential apprentices of the future and ensure they are the right fit for your organisation.
  • Additional resources to help during busy periods
  • The second year students chosen by tutors are high achieving in qualifications relating to your industry and work ready
  • You will become a recognised *Industry Placement Employer*
  • No obligatory cost to your organisation. It is at the employer’s discretion if they want to pay the student or compensate for expenses such as travel

Want to know more?

If you are interested in becoming an Industry Placement Employer, please submit your contact details, including company name and industry sector using the below form.

Our team will then work with you in order to assess your business needs and find the most suitable industry placement options for you.

As part of our services to business we are also running a series of information webinars on Industry Work Placements for employers throughout the autumn term.