Apprenticeships – Interview Preparation

Make sure you are ready
  • Research the organisation, for example visit their website. Research the job that you
    are applying for and have some good examples of when you have used skills relevant
    to the job role.
  • Prepare answers to some typical interview questions and prepare two or three
    questions that show an interest in the job and organisation.
  • Work out how to get to the interview and how long the journey will take. Check the
    timetables for public transport. Allow enough time to arrive at least 15 minutes before
    the interview.
  • Have the organisation‟s contact details in your (charged up) mobile phone, in case
    you need to inform the interviewer of travel delays.
Make a positive impression
  • Arrive on time. Switch your phone off or set to silent (not vibrate). Bring a copy of your
    CV, the application form and job advert with you, and a pad and pen to take notes.
  • Use the interviewer‟s title (Mr/Ms) and surname. When answering questions refer to
    the job advert/description.
  • Answer questions concisely and speak clearly. Use proper grammar and avoid slang.
  • Avoid interrupting the interviewer.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Be positive, enthusiastic, professional and mature.
  • Appearance and body language
  • Wear clean, ironed clothes and take a bath or shower before the interview.
  •  Make sure your hands and finger nails are clean, and brush your teeth.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear (formal shoes, no trainers).
  •  Don‟t wear too much make-up and jewellery.
  • Avoid overpowering perfume or aftershave.
  • Use good posture and sit up straight.
  • Be attentive and composed (don‟t fidget or play with hair).
  • Smile and make eye contact, but avoid staring.
  • Avoid negative behaviour (crossing your arms, yawning, checking your watch, etc.).
Closing the interview
  • Ask any questions about the job role and organisation
  • Shake hands with the interviewer and thank them for their time
  • Emphasise your interest in the job and ask when a decision will be made