Apply Online – Apprenticeships 15 to 18 Years

Thank you for choosing to apply for a apprenticeship!

If you are interested in an Apprenticeship but do not yet have a contract of employment from an employer, we strongly advise you to apply for a full-time programme as well so you have a back-up. We will process both your full-time application and apprenticeship application until you inform us that you have secured an employer and have an Apprenticeship contract in place, at which point your apprenticeship application will take priority.

If you have an employer with an Apprenticeship contract of employment in place then you can also apply through our online application system as well. Again, we strongly advise that you apply for a full-time programme as well so you that you have a back-up.

    • Please use an email address which you will check regularly. Do not use a school email address.
    • Make a note of your username and password – you will need these later on in the application process.
    • Make sure you have your predicted GCSE Grades (or actual grades if you have already achieved them!) handy as you will need to add these to your application form.
    • If you want to apply for a different course, please don’t apply again, just call us on 01206 712777 and we will change your application for you!

You can apply for a full-time course and an apprenticeship through our online application system at the same time, there is no need to make a separate application. Your apprenticeship application can be in the same subject area as your full-time application or in a completely different area.

Let’s get started!

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