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What our Students Say

Abigail Weatherley

Course: Engineering

"I chose to come to Braintree campus as it was the best out of all the options I looked at and the only place where I could do actual engineering. I want to design aeroplanes. Originally, I wanted to be an air hostess but in year 10 I changed my mind and thought I would go down the engineering route. They teach us how to use the machines here, it’s good and the tutors are helpful. Hopefully I will progress onto university after this."

Heather Hamilton

Course: Film and Television

"This course has provided me with so much knowledge of what the world of media is like and has introduced me to so many skills that I never knew I had or was even capable of. It has set me on a path for my future with all of the skills I’ve learnt in such a short time. The tutors are incredibly supportive and are always willing to help with anything."

Samuel Wilkins

Course: Electrical Installations

"I wanted to do Electrical Installations because that career is well-paid and it looked interesting. It’s a good mix of practical and theory. Braintree campus is convenient for me as I live close to it. The STEM Innovation Centre is updated and good. I would recommend the course as you learn a variety of skills. I would like to become an electrician and work in a business after I leave."

Lauren Metson

Course: Wood Occupations

"The staff are so encouraging and I like the college environment, it’s so relaxed here and you can come and study in your spare time if you want to. I really enjoy the practical lessons and learning new skills."

Harry Ashdown

Course: Engineering and Manufacturing

"This campus has great facilities and is the easiest place for me to get to, I enjoy the practical work most and my favourite place is the café. I plan to progress onto an Apprenticeship or go straight into industry when I finish this course."

Georgia Pearce

Course: Early Years

"I like the layout of the College, it’s a small campus and easy to get to. Everyone on my course is really nice as well."

Ben Carpenter

Course: Computing

"The campus is convenient for me as it’s only 10 minutes from my house. I enjoy the course mainly because I’m passionate about the subject but also because of the facilities. I enjoy the amount of freedom I have here as a student as well."

Emily Holloway

Course: Childcare, Children’s Learning and Development

"This course is a massive inspiration and insight into how children learn and develop through play, the course tutors are very encouraging and willing to help us through the course step-by-step. We are able to visit three different types of placement, working with babies, pre-school children and primary age as well to provide a real understanding of what working with children looks like."

Daisy Molyneux

Course: Foundation Studies

"Braintree Campus is a great place to be, it’s so welcoming. The staff and everyone are amazing. Student Services are there for you at any time you need. I’ve only been here since September but already feel really settled. I feel like I’ve been here a lot longer. Colleges are important and help to enhance your education and confidence. It’s helped me to be myself. I’ve been bullied in the past and coming to college here has been a life changing experience."

John Taylor

Course: Welding and Fabrication

"I chose Colchester Institute, Braintree Campus over other colleges because of the amazing facilities and course leaders. I like the freedom of being able to learn what I want alongside the main stuff on my course. I like the café too as it’s a nice place to relax in-between lessons."