Dedicated Painting and Decorating student pays tribute with painted ‘Eleven-o-one’ recreation

In a poignant tribute to the fallen, Painting and Decorating student, Ash, showcased extraordinary freehand painting skills by recreating ‘Eleven-o-one,’ a sculpture by artist Ray Lonsdale.

The project, conceived as preparation for the Skillbuild competition scheduled for 2024, is a testament to Ash’s commitment to their craft.

The original sculpture, known as ‘Tommy’ to local residents, represents a soldier resting against his rifle, commemorating those who sacrificed their lives during World War One.

Guiding Ash through this creative journey was Course Leader, Graeme Roberts. He shared, “Ash is an exceptional Painting and Decorating student who consistently places an emphasis on quality and creativity. As the course leader, I am very much looking forward to supporting Ash in future projects.”

This project not only serves as a practical showcase of Ash’s freehand painting skills but also as a heartfelt homage to the sacrifices made by servicemen and women. Their work exemplifies the intersection of skill, creativity, and a profound sense of remembrance.