Students make charitable donation to Colchester Food Bank

On the morning of GCSE English and Maths exams, the Plumbing department – like many others – was given funding for a ‘Breakfast Club’ to buy healthy breakfast snacks and drinks for our students.

After realising they had a sizeable amount of money left over, the students suggested a donation to the Colchester Food Bank, inspired by the actions of Marcus Rashford who campaigned for funded meals for young people and students in low-income households.

Personal Development Tutor Martin Roddy had this to say about the students, “We don’t just teach our students Plumbing, maths and English, we like to believe that our students will leave College with correct and decent values.”

Colchester Institute thanks the generosity of the Plumbing department and its upstanding students.

Plumbing students put together a collection of healthy breakfast snacks to be donated to Colchester Foodbank