Students produce film for NHS recruitment

Our level 3 second year film students have recently delivered the final film of the ESNEFT (East Suffolk and North Essex HNS Foundation Trust) Careers Fair filmed earlier this academic year at Colchester United’s JobServe Community Stadium.

The event was organised by the NHS Talent for Care team led by Louise Bennett.

From the beginning of September onwards Paul Herron and Reg Thompson liaised with Louise to enable the filming of what proved to be a hugely successful day.

More than twenty film students with almost all of the equipment held by the college, including cameras, tripods, lights and sound recording devices, travelled by mini bus to the stadium where they filmed and recorded interviews for 8 hours with more than 500 delegates and 70 NHS staff.

The students shot over 100 hours of footage which was then edited over a period of 3 months allowing for feedback.

The final film was delivered to Louise on Monday April 17th and will be used to advertise the next fair.

A job well done!