Motor Vehicle students prepare for the future

This term our motor vehicle students explored a range of staff-owned electric vehicles, as well as being allowed to ‘ask an owner’ some questions.

The session was run by Tom Welham, Colchester Institute’s Carbon Literacy Co-ordinator, and electric vehicle owner who added. “Transport accounts for around 25% of a person’s carbon footprint and switching to an electric vehicle is a great way of reducing emissions along with several other benefits.”

The response from the students was very positive and they left the session with a greater understanding of electric vehicles.

The college is also preparing for the future, having installed a row of electric vehicle chargers. This will particularly benefit staff or students who want to drive an electric vehicle but can’t currently charge at home. It’s important that chargers are installed in places where cars will normally be parked, to help with the roll-out of electric cars in the UK.

Students look inside electric vehicle