Each student is Unrepeatable!

Beks, our college Chaplain, is a major part of the enrichment programme offered to students and we are delighted that the ‘Unrepeatable’ workshops are once again being delivered in person.

The key message to students is “no one else can live the life you will live” as they are unique.

‘Unrepeatable’ provides a comfortable environment and opportunity for students to learn more about who they are, their skills, dreams and priorities, and how these could shape their lives.

Participants have the opportunity to pause, reflect and look ahead to the next stage of their lives and therefore the activities support the progression of students.

Staff who have taken part have found the workshop beneficial too “I’m so glad I attended. Having the opportunity to press the stop button and reflect was really worthwhile and I would thoroughly recommend this to colleagues.“

Unrepeatable workshop

Reflection in progress