Our new Centre for Health and Social Care Professions

Working in partnership with employers, including hospitals and care organisations, our fantastic new Centre for Health and Social Care Professions is providing a range of training and qualifications to meet the demand for new recruits within the health and care sectors.

Courses are designed to address local skills shortages and are delivered by highly-qualified tutors with a diverse range of professional healthcare experiences.

Located on the fourth floor of our South Wing building, the Centre for Health and Social Care Professions encompasses 2,000 square metres of innovative teaching facilities.

The centre incorporates interactive learning technology to provide skills laboratories in realistic working environments, and well-equipped classrooms to ensure students are prepared for higher education (university) or employment.

Learning resources in the centre include:

  • Dedicated skills rooms for role-play and recorded assessments, a dental surgery and decontamination room
  • An interactive facility where bespoke environments can be created to develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills around a realistic backdrop
  • Rooms for collaborative learning, as well as meeting and conference rooms to support apprenticeship assessments

In 2021 the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) partnered with our own Centre for Health and Social Care Professions here at Colchester Institute, with a whole new floor dedicated to provide exclusive training to our learners, so they can be career ready at the end of their time with us. ESNEFT is one of the biggest NHS Trusts in East Anglia and provides hospital and community services throughout Suffolk and North Essex.

Suzanne Kinsey | Area Head for Access, Health and Social Care, and Science

Suzanne Kinsey , Head of Health and Social Care and Science

“Our students are loving the new facilities and how they’re able to learn in an environment that reflects the industry. Our partnership with the East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) means that we’re able to provide real skills training for direct progression into the NHS. I’m so excited about the opportunities this relationship provides for our students.”

Work in Health and Social Care

Nurturing a future-ready workforce with skills development alongside qualifications

In the field of health and social care, skills development and qualifications are crucial for professionals to deliver high-quality care and support to individuals in need, this is why all of our students complete mandatory placements
as part of their study and follow our newly developed P3 programme.

The P3 Programme

Focusing on Preparation, Placement and Progression (P³), all students will develop the skills and professional behaviours expected to be seen in the workplace which will be delivered through a variety of workshops and online learning. This will offer students an assessed competency prior to embarking on a placement through a variety of workshops, online learning and the Care Certificate.

All Health and Social Care students must complete this mandatory training prior to starting on their placements which includes:

  • Clinical and health skills development
  • Up to 72 hours of additional teaching with clinical experts throughout the year
  • Roleplays and reflective exercises
  • Communication and study skills

Further progression activities support learners throughout the academic year ready for their next steps, such as:

  • UCAS support
  • Interview and employment-ready workshops
  • Academic literacy development
  • Resilience and wellbeing activities

Those studying under the Centre are referred to as ‘Professionals in Training’ and will follow the NHS 6Cs philosophy; care, courage, commitment, compassion, competence and communication. These behaviours are monitored and rewarded throughout the course.

Students will be expected to work in a variety of settings to develop different skills, and the College has placements in over 150 workplaces.

ESNEFT Career Start Programme

The aim of our Career Start Programme is to develop the key employability skills and qualities in our students, so that we can prepare them for a career within the sector by the time they leave us to progress on their career path.

Those who are successful in accessing the programme will have demonstrated a positive attitude to the NHS 6Cs approach and towards their own development. They will be offered a student placement, a training package within a hospital environment and a guaranteed interview for a ‘real’ job in the NHS.

These students will be given:

  • Clinical work placement at Colchester or Ipswich Hospital
  • An allocated supervisor
  • Compulsory NHS induction training
  • An NHS mentor to support them throughout the programme
  • Online training modules
  • Masterclasses at the Iceni Centre, at Colchester General Hospital
  • Interactive training sessions

By completing the mandatory skills training, our students will be able to access more substantial student placements which are more practical in nature and will be guaranteed a job interview on successful completion of the Career Start Programme.

ESNEFT Career Start Programme

Who is eligible to benefit from this opportunity?

This programme will be open to existing students on Level 2 and Level 3 Health and Social Care programmes, Level 3 Applied Science and our Access to Higher Education Diploma in Health Professions.

There are limited spaces available on this programme, students will be selected by achievement and their commitment and dedication to their studies. These will be our shining stars who choose a vocation (pathway) within the NHS.

Students must be, at least, 17 and a half by the time they finish this programme and ready to start work, which could be full-time, part-time or even fitted around a higher education course of study. For paediatric areas, students must be 18 before they start their placements.

Why should you apply for this programme?

  • You’ll have access to NHS apprenticeships
  • You’ll gain lived experience in Health and Social Care settings first-hand
  • Your job application is prioritised above non-Career Start Programme applicants
  • You will develop your care values according to the NHS 6Cs approach early, which are essential for any relevant role

How do you apply?

Your tutors and our partners at ESNEFT will talk to you about this opportunity in your first term at college.

The facilities in the Health and Social Care department are excellent, we get good access to lots of practical sessions in actual healthcare settings. The experiences we get from the work placement are also excellent, we wouldn’t get the same placement opportunities at any other college. I started at Colchester Institute studying Level 2 Health and Social Care and I’m now an employee of ESNEFT after finishing the Career Start programme. The programme provided access to additional training, where I learnt specific skills to ensure I progressed directly into a career in the NHS.
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ESNEFT Career Start Programme