‘Lockdown School Hero’ Award

Lockdown School Hero Award

Public Services Lecturer Bev Robinson has been awarded a Jack Petchey ‘Lockdown School Hero’ Award.

Bev was nominated by a student at Colchester Institute for going above and beyond in order to support students during the pandemic.

Bev Robinson was speechless but delighted to receive the award. “To have won such a prestigious award was beyond my wildest dreams and I cannot express how humbled I am. I left the British Army after 25 years of service in 2019 and whilst serving in the Army I spent a lot of my career in teaching posts.”

“When I left the Army, I decided I would pursue a teaching career and so I applied for a job at Colchester Institute in 2020 as a Public Service’s Lecturer. Following my success at interview, I have found my new role both rewarding and inspiring, allowing me to help, support and inspire our learners to achieve their life goals.”

“The Public Service team have been so supportive to me in my new career and so I believe the award is not mine alone but also the team I work with.”