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UCC School of Business and Management
At the University Centre Colchester School of Business and Management, our courses are delivered by tutors with strong backgrounds in a range of business sectors and their professional expertise is valued by our students.

Our Higher Education Centre at University Centre Colchester (UCC) provides a great range of specialist facilities to meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students studying a business or management degree , including well-equipped teaching spaces and private study areas.

School of Business and Management | Flexible Delivery
We offer a unique vocational learning experience, with practical and theoretical teaching embedded in our flexible full and part-time programmes. Our courses are designed with employers’ needs in mind and incorporate industry visits, guest lecturers and work placements. Flexible delivery provides the opportunity for students to fit their studies around employment or other commitments.

The next few years could shape the rest of your life, so it’s important to explore all the options available to you. There are many ways to study for a higher education qualification and choosing the right course will help you get the most out of your study. Colchester Institute aims to provide you with a high quality, industry related learning experience. You can study towards a HNC, HND, CertHE, DipHE, Foundation or Honours Degree.

School of Business and Management | Undergraduate Business Courses

The new BA (Hons) Business Innovation and Applied Management Degree offers a personal, flexible and friendly route to the business destination of your choice.

The part-time Business Innovation and Applied Management Degree course offers a flexible approach to learning. Study on the full-time programme and your lectures will normally run over two days, giving you the option of employment in the remaining week-days.

There are excellent facilities including well-equipped classrooms with interactive technology, well stocked libraries and a resource centre.

School of Business and Management | Chartered Management Institute
Leadership NVQ
A strategic partnership between Colchester Institute and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) ensures each of the Business Innovation and Applied Management (BIAM) courses can be dual-accredited, so students will receive an additional industry recognised CMI Certificate or Diploma qualification alongside their academic degree, in addition to being able to access the resources of the CMI.

What are the benefits of a CMI qualification?

Investing in a professional qualification with Chartered Management Institute takes time and dedication but the results are worth the effort:

  • You’ll perform better– Sharpen your existing skills and learn a range of new ones
  • You’ll be more sought-after– A qualification speaks volumes to existing and prospective employers
  • You will be more valuable– Research shows that a qualification will earn you more worth and money over your career
School of Business and Management | Undergraduate Management Courses

We offer high quality courses and training programmes designed to help you with your personal and career development. Our range of training options allows you to follow your own path of continuous professional development (CPD). Our Undergraduate Degree Level Management and Leadership Courses cover areas including marketing and project management. Enhancing your personal development will help you to take the next step in your career.
School of Business and Management | Construction Management

Our Honours Degree course programmes have been designed in consultation with the regional employers in the industry sector and are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), which continues to officially recognise our BSc (Hons) Construction Management degrees as educational programmes that promote excellence in the built environment. Also, our continuing links with employers enable students to benefit from high quality work placements and learn from construction industry specialists

The industry is fast moving – construction techniques and technologies develop rapidly and legislation is always changing – and this is reflected in our course content and delivery.

School of Business and Management | Higher Apprenticeships
Our higher and degree apprenticeships offer a unique way to develop your professional skills, progress academically and enhance your career prospects while remaining in employment.

Employer designed apprenticeship standards provide specialist industry-based training, allowing you to acquire higher level skills that can lead to professional accreditation and membership. With additional Government funding available for higher and degree apprenticeships you can study without incurring the cost of tuition fees or running up student debt. Working closely with employers UCC is developing apprenticeship standards that meet industry needs and incorporate current practice, in areas including management, healthcare, construction, engineering and information technology. Higher apprenticeships at Level 4 and 5 are equivalent to a CertHE, DipHE or Foundation degree, with Levels 6 and 7 equivalent to master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

To be eligible to commence an apprenticeship you must be employed for a minimum of 16 hours within a job role that supports the evidence collection and assessment outcomes as described in the apprenticeship standard. For further information on all of our higher apprenticeships: T: 01206 712432

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School of Business and Management | Degrees at Work
Degrees in work – Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships offer a new route into higher education. Undertaking a degree in the workplace offers a different perspective from traditional higher-level education study by allowing a learner to earn a full-time wage whilst simultaneously studying for a higher level qualification.

The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship is a Trailblazer Apprenticeship that has been developed by a group of employers, in partnership with a number of Higher Education Institutions (Providers), and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Employer-led standards provide specialist industry-based and academically credible training, allowing your apprentice to acquire higher level skills that can lead to professional accreditation and membership. The recognised professional CMI qualification that your apprentice will bring back to the business is built into course, providing value for money and a return on investment by bringing back up to date knowledge from college.

What are the benefits for employers?

  • Employers can nurture emerging talent by making the most of their Apprenticeship Levy contributions, whilst their apprentice will achieve a degree alongside valuable work experience
  • Employers will be able to produce their own graduates whilst attracting and retaining good quality staff and developing emerging talent in their existing workforce
  • Work-based learning is cost-effective training option that can be used to target specific skills gaps as well as meeting the needs of your business and employees
  • Employers will benefit from the fresh thinking and up-to-date knowledge and skills that can be incorporated into current practice by your apprentice