University Centre Colchester | Graduation 2022

Graduation 2022

Your graduation is an official celebration of your achievements at University Centre Colchester. The day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with both your friends and family.

Graduation 2022 will take place on Friday 7th October 2022, at Colchester Town Hall.

Late Graduation Registration

Please email if you would like to attend your ceremony but haven’t yet registered.

Have your student number handy, as you will need this in order to complete the registration.

Phase two of guest ticket sales

Phase two of extra guest ticket sales is now live. For graduands wanting to purchase extra guest tickets, please click the button below which will take you to your account. 

Click here to purchase extra guest tickets!

You will need to log back into your Ede & Ravenscroft account, so please make sure you have your login details. If you have forgotten your password you can request to reset your password.

  • Once logged in, click edit order, then edit tickets.
  • Under ‘Guest Tickets’, additional extra guest tickets will be available to purchase.
  • Please increase this amount to the total number of guest tickets you require.
  • Ensure you checkout to finalise your order. You will be charged the balance amount for any additional extra guest tickets (previous items will appear on your screen when checking out, please do not remove these)

Graduands attending ceremony two (3pm) and ceremony three (6pm) will only be able to purchase up to five extra guest tickets. For graduands attending ceremony one (11am) there is no restrictions on the amount of extra guest tickets you wish to purchase. 

Guest tickets sold in the second phase will be sold on a first-come first-served basis, therefore please note some ceremonies may sell out.

Please see below for the specific breakdown of when each subject area will graduate and extra guest ticket availability.

When will I graduate?

Ceremony one
DateFriday 7th October 2022
Ceremony Time11am



Digital Media Creative Enterprise



Arrival Time9am – 9:30am
Pre-Ceremony Refreshments10am – 10:30am
Post-Ceremony Reception12noon
Extra Guest Ticket AvailabilityStrong
Ceremony two
DateFriday 7th October 2022
Ceremony Time3pm

Computer Games


Performing Arts

Digital Film Production

Health and Social Care

Arrival Time1pm – 1:30pm
Pre-Ceremony Refreshments2pm – 2:30pm
Post-Ceremony Reception4pm
Extra Guest Ticket AvailabilitySOLD OUT
Ceremony three
DateFriday 7th October 2022
Ceremony Time 6pm
SubjectEarly Years



Arrival Time4pm – 4:30pm
Pre-Ceremony Refreshments5pm – 5:30pm
Post-Ceremony Reception7pm
Extra Guest Ticket AvailabilityLimited

Your Graduation Day 

Booking your place

Graduands wishing to attend their Graduation ceremony must register for their complimentary ticket.

Registration opens on Thursday 11th August 2022 at 10am and will run until Tuesday 13th September 2022 23:59. If you have not registered to attend by 13th September we will assume that you will not be attending your Graduation ceremony and will offer your place to guests of other graduands.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility to Graduate, you’ll be able to reserve your gowning with our gowning supplier. You will receive communication in early August containing further details on how to hire or purchase gowning and photography.

Booking places for guests

For graduands attending ceremony one, you will be able to purchase up to 3 guest tickets in phase one of the guest ticket sales.

For graduands attending ceremony two or ceremony three, you will be able to purchase up to 2 guest tickets in phase one of the guest ticket sales.

If you are unsure on which ceremony you will be attending, please click the ‘when will I graduate?’ spoiler or please email

Tickets will cost £25 each. The sale of these tickets will run from Thursday 11th August 2022 until Tuesday 13th September 2022. Please note during this period no further tickets may be requested or sold.

Once all graduands have had the opportunity to complete a booking and order their tickets, any guest tickets that remain unsold will be offered for purchase in phase two of the guest ticket sale.

Therefore, graduands wishing to purchase their allocated amount of guest tickets must do so before Tuesday 13th September 2022. Tickets sold in the second phase will be sold on a first-come first-served basis via the College website (

Availability of the phase two ticket sale will be published on the College website on Monday 19th September 2022 in preparation for the sale that will open on Tuesday 20th September 2022 at 10am. Tickets will be available for collection on the day of Graduation from Colchester Town Hall (CO1 1PJ) and will not be issued in advance. Once tickets have been issued, they should be treated as cash, it will not be possible to replace a lost, damaged or stolen ticket.

Additional Needs

If you have any additional dietary or mobility needs and/or require assistance getting onto stage please let us know by using the ticket registration form.


If you or your guests require a disabled parking space (at the rear of the Town Hall) please indicate this at the time of guest ticket booking.

Click here for a list of local car parks. 

The NCP operated car park is the closest parking option to the Graduation ceremonies.


For a list of local accommodation options – please visit: 

Your Graduation Day

Ticket collection, registration, photography and gowning will take place at Colchester Town Hall (CO1 1PJ)

The Graduation ceremony will be held in the Moot Hall, Colchester Town Hall (CO1 1PJ)

There will also be a post-graduation reception which will be held at The Minories Art Gallery (CO1 1UE)


Ticket collection, registration, photography and gowning will open two hours prior to your ceremony.

We recommend that you arrive around two hours before the start of your ceremony to allow time for gowning and photography.

Please note graduands and their guests who arrive less than thirty minutes before the start of their ceremony may not be permitted into the ceremony.

Once the ceremony has started, graduands and guests will not be permitted into the Moot Hall.

The Ceremony

Graduands will sit in a reserved seat in the Moot Hall, the seat location will be shown on your ticket.

Guests sit separately and are free to choose from the remaining seats.

The ceremony is expected to last for 60 minutes.

After the Ceremony

After the ceremony graduates and their guests are invited to attend a reception, where a complimentary drink and refreshments will be served.

Please ensure that you keep hold of your tickets and drink tokens.

The post-ceremony reception will be held at The Minories Art Gallery (CO1 1UE)

Frequently Asked Questions
When will guest tickets be offered for sale?Guest tickets will be on sale from 10am on Thursday 11th August 2022.
Do students graduating have to pay for their own ticket?All graduands are entitled to a complimentary ticket to attend their Graduation ceremony. This ticket must be booked – booking will open at the same time as the sale of guest tickets. This free ticket is not transferable.
Do I have to pay for guests’ tickets?Yes, guest tickets cost £25 per ticket.
Will I get a refund if I do not pass my resits?Yes, if you do not pass we will refund all guest ticket purchases to the card used to purchase the tickets. Please do not order gowning and photography until you have passed.
Can I graduate if I am in debt with UCC?Graduands owing money to University Centre Colchester will not be permitted to attend Graduation. The booking system will not allow you to make a booking if you have outstanding debt.
How many guest tickets am I allowed?In the first phase of ticket sales, graduands attending ceremony one are allowed to buy three guest tickets and graduands attending ceremony two or three are allowed to buy two guest tickets (in addition to their complimentary graduand ticket).
Can I purchase more guests’ tickets?Once phase one of guest ticket sales has closed we will release the remaining tickets for sale in phase two. Availability of tickets in the second phase will be published online on Monday 19th September 2022 and the sale of remaining tickets will open the following day on the Tuesday (20th) at 10am. Please note that some ceremonies may not have any additional guest tickets for sale.
Can I bring my children, or younger brother(s) or sister(s)?Unfortunately, children under five years old will not be admitted to the ceremony or reception. For information on bringing newborns into the ceremony please email

All guests, aged five and above, will need to purchase a ticket to attend.

Where and when do I collect my tickets?We will not post out tickets. Please collect your tickets from Colchester Town Hall on the day of your ceremony.
Do I have to wear a gown, hood and mortar board?Yes, these are required for you to be able to attend your Graduation ceremony. These must be hired from our gowning supplier.
Where is the ceremony held?The ceremony will be held at the Moot Hall, Colchester Town Hall.
Is there a dress code for guests?There is no specific dress code for guests; however, we ask that guests dress smartly for the special occasion.
Where and when do I collect my gown?Gowns will be available for collection from two hours before your ceremony at Colchester Town Hall.
Where and when do I return my gown?Gowns can be returned at either Colchester Town Hall or at the post-ceremony reception.
Where do I go to have photographs taken?Once gowned, our gowning supplier offers a photography service, at Colchester Town Hall both before and after your ceremony takes place. Family members, who do not have tickets for the ceremony, may join you.
How long does the ceremony last?Please allow 60 minutes for the ceremony.
Do I receive my certificate in the ceremony?Yes, for those graduands who do not attend their ceremony, their certificate will be posted to them after the ceremonies have finished.
What happens after the ceremony?After the ceremony all graduands and their ticketed guests are invited to a post-ceremony reception where we will serve a complimentary drink.

A cash bar will be available for further drinks.

Where can my guests park?Click these links for a list of local car parks.

Are there disabled parking facilities?Yes, disabled parking is available at Colchester Town Hall. Please reserve a disabled parking space during the guest ticket purchase.

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your Graduation please contact us –