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Joey - BSc (Hons) Construction Management

“I’ve learnt so much about site analysis and contamination, 2D and 3D CAD, and understand how to interpret designs. My tutors are very good at what they do and have helped me with my personal development.”

Joey - BSc Hons Construction Management

Jake - BA (Hons) Business and Management

“This apprenticeship offers the best of both worlds. It has enabled me to continue my career with CBC, whilst simultaneously allowing me to study towards a degree-level qualification”

Jake - Bsc Hons Business and Management

Danielle - BA (Hons) Business and Management

“I really like the small class sizes and I enjoy the freedom of studying on campus, or at home. The apprenticeship fits in well with my full-time job, my day-to-day life and enables me to continue my professional development whilst learning.”

Danielle - Bsc Hons Business and Management

Chris - BA (Hons) Business and Management

“I like the small class sizes and the study is relatable to my working environment. I was recommended to study this apprenticeship by my employer and have enjoyed the dedicated tutor support that I have received.”

Chris - BSc Hons Business and Management

Matthew - BA (Hons) Business and Management

“I chose to study here as I liked the smaller class sizes which allow for more in-depth discussions with lecturers and peers. I like that we are taught the basics before trying to understand more challenging material”

Matthew - BA (Hons) Business and Management

Oriean - BA (Hons) Business and Management

“I would recommend studying an apprenticeship as it gives you an opportunity to develop all aspects of personal and business knowledge, skills and experiences. I particularly enjoy the face-to-face group working on campus.”

Oriean - BA (Hons) Business and Management