Our campuses remain closed for the foreseeable future

Key Worker Information

If you are a student of Colchester Institute, note that we are supporting the government’s Key Worker initiative and you may attend college. Of course, the students drawn from Key Worker families will be from a wide range of College subject areas, and we will focus our study on the College’s core purpose, to improve your employability. The work will have three main aspects:

  • to undertake the work that is being set on-line for their group by their teachers, and communicated through email
  • to undertake additional work to improve and to enhance English and Maths
  • to undertake additional work on employability, such as CV writing and job interview preparation

As the College will not be operating in its usual conditions, please note that it is likely that you will be:

  • with students different to those in their usual lessons
  • working with new staff, different to the usual ones
  • attending lessons that will be in different rooms and parts of the college

If you wish to attend College from Monday 23rd March 2020, you are asked to complete the form below and to submit it.

For the Government’s definition of a Key Worker please click here.

Complete and Submit Key Worker Information Form