Welder Coding Service – Welder Approval and Weld Procedure Certification

Welder Coding Service – If your requirement is to obtain welding procedures and/or qualifications in accordance with BS EN 15614, BS EN 287 or ASME IX, Colchester Institute can help.

What is Welder Approval and Weld Procedure Certification?

We cover most procedures, including training in either MAG’s, FCAW, TAG’s and/or MMA welding at one of our facilities, and certification complies to BS EN 15614, ASME IX, BS EN 287-1 and more!

We test Welders and Procedures requirements in manual and semi automatic and automatic weld processes. Welder certification, also known as welder qualification, is a process which examines and documents a welders capability to create welds of the requisite quality that adhere to a well defined welding procedure.

Coded Welding”, ”Code Welding” or “Welding Codes” means that an individual who is a “coded welder” has taken an exam in a welding process using a certain method. The same applies to welding codes where an individual would train for a particular coding.

What is approval of welding procedures and welders?

An application standard or code of practice will include requirements or guidelines on material, design of joint, welding process, welding procedure, welder qualification and inspection or may invoke other standards, for example for welding procedure and welder approval tests. They provide a set of technical rules for a systematic qualification test for welders. It enables welding qualifications to be uniformly accepted independently of the type of product, location and examiner/examining body.

The manufacturer will normally be required to approve the welding procedure and welder qualification. The difference between a welding procedure approval and a welder qualification test is shown below:

  • A welding procedure approval test is carried out by a competent welder and uses testing techniques to assess the quality of the weld. The intention is to demonstrate that the proposed welding procedure will produce a welded joint which satisfies the specified requirements of the standard for the procedure.
  • The welder approval test examines a welder’s skill and ability in producing a satisfactory test weld. The test may be performed with or without a qualified welding procedure. It places emphasis on the welder’s ability to produce a weld of acceptable quality

All testing is carried out at UKAS Accredited Zurich laboratories.

Entry Requirements

Dependent on each individual and company need.

Welder Coding Service - Welder Approval and Weld Procedure Certification
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