Assertiveness, Interpersonal Skills and Effective Communication

Are you nice… or are you nasty?

Being nice is often seen as being too accommodating and passive, whilst being nasty as being harsh, negative and aggressive. How self aware are you and what image do you portray to others and how do they view you?

It is not always easy to be assertive, and sometimes assertion is mistaken for aggression. Assertiveness is a way of communicating in a clear and straightforward way our wishes, needs and feelings, whilst at the same time respecting others.

Who is this course aimed at?

All employers, employees and private individuals who feel that their work, company or lifestyle would benefit if they were more assertive and confident in everyday situations.

Course Objectives/Key Benefits

This practical workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to increase self awareness and build on existing skills. Unresourceful patterns of behaviour will be identified and there will be exercises to practice some well tested and proven techniques for change. Participants will also explore ways of handling unresourceful negative emotions that often get in the way of being assertive, which will in turn increase confidence, self esteem and better working practice.

Course Content

Assertiveness, Interpersonal Skills and Effective Communication Course Content

Participants will focus on specific situations they need to influence, yet find awkward to handle.

Key areas include:

  • Principles of assertiveness and general rights
  • Differentiating between assertion, non assertion and aggression
  • Patterns of behaviour and our default mode when under pressure
  • How thoughts feelings and inner dialogue influence behaviour
  • Managing the negative emotions which can lead to non assertive or aggressive behaviour e.g. anxiety, apprehension and fear
  • Enriched communication, positive language and non verbal communication
  • Delegating and making and refusing requests without manipulating and feeling guilty
  • The Model, a powerful tool for influencing behaviour in others
  • Dealing with criticism, conflict, confrontation and awkward situations
  • Effective feedback techniques
  • Action for change and personal development planning using the GROW model

Training method:

The workshop is presented in a highly interactive format including group work, individual & partner exercise, demonstrations and practice, discussion and feedback.

Course outcome/qualification:

Certificate of Attendance.

Pre-requisite Knowledge/Qualifications


Recommended Follow-up Courses
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Dealing with Conflict
Assertiveness, Interpersonal Skills and Effective Communication
DurationOne-day course
CampusColchester Institute
Start Date25/01/2019
PricePrice per delegate: £190 + VAT | Company Course: Price on Application


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