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If you want to engage, educate, inspire and encourage young people in your school have a look at what we offer.

The use of media in the teaching and learning process is not a new thing. Many teachers know that media will be helpful. Media gives students something new, but not all teachers know how to implement it, not just through the use of technology but also though basic processes like story boarding, talking books/podcasts, pitching and dragons den style class presentations……

Colchester Institute would like to show you what we can offer to enhance learning though different media techniques – including looking at animation / film making / podcasting / Facial mapping / comic book and graphic novels. The aim of these workshops and short courses is to enable you to find out more about these techniques and about how to implement them into your class room, and how at Colchester institute can help and support you do this.

There is real evidence that the use of Media improves and engages:

  • Critical Thinking – Analyse a story by breaking down into beginning middle and end
  • Imagination – Spark the imagination to come up with a flow of ideas on any subject matter.
  • Literacy – Associating words with imagery to enhance understanding and practice language skills
  • Knowledge Retention – Increase student performance and knowledge retention though active project-based learning.
  • Creative Expression – Allow students to express their individuality while creatively articulating their thoughts.
  • Teamwork – Enhance group work by providing a visual format to collaborate on, present to the class and share the work



Media processes can also be used to attract students’ attention to a subject or course work that can be difficult to deliver. The use of media to enhance teaching and learning complements traditional approaches to learning. Effective instruction builds bridges between students’ knowledge and the learning objectives of the course.

We would love the opportunity to come and talk to you about what we do and how we can help you. At Colchester Institute we provide a variety of workshops, CPD and short courses that can be tailored to suit your particular requirements, ranging from one-hour taster sessions to a five-day workshop and anything in between. You can come to us or we can bring our classroom in a box directly to you!



Community Animation


Single photos are combined with camera movement to make a physically manipulated object or persona appear to move on its own.  Learners will have the opportunity to create a storyboard, build characters and animate a short film. The subjects can be as experimental, educational and imaginative as the creators themselves.

Stop motion is a great way of engaging young people across all spectrums and abilities.  Workshops promote and encourage planning, communication, organization skills, problem solving, teamwork, builds self-confidence and it’s fun to do.

What we offer:

  •  2D drawn animation
  • Claymation
  • Mapping software for lip-syncing
  • Live-action animation

This is a hands-on, fun and creative experience that aims to give learners a real taste of a popular growing industry.

Community Radio


This is an exciting way of dealing with many aspects of the curriculum, often with subjects that can be otherwise difficult to grasp. And it’s done in a fun and exciting way. With our mobile classroom we’ll inspire students of all levels and abilities and give them new skills with these fantastic tools.

A podcast has many uses:

  • Talking books
  • Instructional courses
  • Radio plays
  • Ideas sharing
  • Presentations
  • Music

As well as making short radio shows and podcasts the workshops promote and encourage planning, communication and organization skills, problem solving, and teamwork and builds self-confidence.

Community Comic

Graphic novels/comic books

Comic books are slowly becoming a respectable literary source in classrooms across the globe. Creating comic books really does improve motivation amongst students who might otherwise struggle with literacy. It’s engaging for all levels, particularly low ability students. It’s a great way to engage learners, developing communication and encourage story- telling. Each student will write and plan a comic or graphic novel in any topics that can be related to the key stage curriculum, for example:

  • Bullying
  • Internet safety
  • Historical events
  • Local activities
  • Fiction
  • Instructional leaflets.

This is a stepped process of learning the software process to using your creative imagination in storytelling. Every workshop is written to suit the lesson with agreed learning outcomes or planned to suit a specific event or course topic.

Community Film

Film making

Come to Colchester Institute and use our fantastic green screen TV studio.

Learners will discover a range of skills from making an advert in any location around the world to flying like a super hero using our superb green screen facilities. This is a hands-on, fun, creative experience that aims to give learners a real taste of the film industry.

Students will write, plan and shoot short film projects. They will make their own creative decisions, designate roles and select visual backgrounds all depending on what they create at the beginning of the class.

This workshop is open to all learners from the wider community supporting all levels and is adapted to meet individual learning needs.

Community 3D Mapping

3D/Facial; mapping software (make any image talk)

Crazy Talk is the most popular facial animation tool that uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. With this ground-breaking Auto Motion technology, you just need to import images, specify the facial feature points and record your own voice as it automatically generates lip-syncs to create 3D life-like, talking videos. Crazy Talk is a great match for beginners, students, educators and all users that need an easy-to-create solution with instant results. Use animation tools to recreate any event, or character, by working with images & audio recordings. Students can animate their drawings, character biographies, avatars, and research subjects. In fact the opportunities are endless……

Integrated into the classroom:

  • Bring history literally to life
  • Tell animated stories using any characters or objects
  • Create various respecting differences videos exploring cultural diversity
  • Improve English pronunciation in the classroom
  • Animated poetry with their own voices 
  • Animated clips to announce events and school announcements.
  •  Students can draw their favourite artists, and animate their biographies and painting techniques.



Tailored to suit you

We provide a variety of workshops, school programs and short course that can be tailored to suit your particular requirements, one-hour taster sessions to a five-day workshop, timetabled yearly coourses and anything in between. You can come to us or we can bring our classroom in a box direct to you!

  • Flexible to fit around your needs / tailoring to suit your organisation
  • Complete classroom in a box and deliver directly to you.  We can provide split day workshops and short courses to all your organisation to reduce cost and increase numbers taking part
  • Design and build events / workshops and short course on any topic that fits your needs especially related to local events / themes and topics
  • Possible consultation of your equipment, facilities and CPD – working with your teachers and equipment you have to help you redesign areas of your curriculum and get them most out of the equipment you currently have.

Please contact:

Luc Adams

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01206 712829

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