Former Student Generous Donation

A former student of Colchester Institute has pledged a generous annual donation of £5,000 to the Colchester Institute Foundation Trust (CIFT) to set up the Direct Solutions Apprenticeship Travel Bursary. Allistair Hunter now runs his own business, Direct Solutions, a Clacton-based print and design business.  Apprentices are classed as full time employees so cannot access College funding for financial support, yet on a low wage it can be difficult for apprentices to carry out their studies and cover the costs of their travel. This donation would support at least 10 apprentices with their travel costs every year.

CIFT Donation

Allistair Hunter, Managing Director of Direct Solutions said: “After hearing about challenges that students face, usually financial, I thought it would be a huge shame for them to miss out on a life changing opportunity because they couldn’t afford to get there. It’s all about accessibility. In my experience, people who have been given access to opportunities are usually those who have excelled and exceeded their full potential.”

The Colchester Institute Foundation Trust (CIFT) was established to benefit students who might need extra financial support to remain on course and achieve their qualifications, above and beyond the remit of the College bursary funds.  CIFT also provide grants to help student groups access enrichment  relevant to their studies. CIFT is a registered charity and is overseen by the Board of Trustees, who issue awards at their discretion.

Irene Kettle, Vice Chair of CIFT, said “The Trustees are so grateful to Allistair of Direct Solutions for this generous gift which will allow us to help many apprentices. We hope other successful Alumni of Colchester Institute will be able to offer gifts to help students who would otherwise not be able to achieve their best due to their financial situations.”