Working in partnership with the Prince’s Trust

Prince's Trust
Colchester Institute has recently hosted a celebration to present students with their Prince’s Trust certificates. The ‘Get into Health and Social Care’ is a Prince’s Trust programme delivered in partnership with TLC Care Homes and Colchester Institute, designed to open up a number of doors in the industry.

Students aged 16 – 24 completed a two week training programme and a work placement to achieve work ready skills including first aid training and mindfulness techniques. The programme was an opportunity for students to meet new people, gain practical experience in a range of industry areas and develop CV and interview skills. Not only did it boost confidence and enhance employability skills, but students also benefited from support provided by Prince’s Trust mentors.

The celebration was a chance for students to express their thoughts on how they found the experience. One student in particular, Claire Osborne, highlighted how she found the course helpful with her own personal development, saying “The Princes Trust and Colchester Institute have helped me gain so much confidence , the course was a perfect opportunity for me to gain new skills and more importantly, confidence in myself. I found the whole course really beneficial in particular the Mindfulness workshop as I struggle with anxiety and depression. I now feel more confident  to pursue a career in Health and Social Care –Thank you Princes Trust and Colchester Institute”

The programme is the 2nd of 4 planned courses that are due to run this year. The next training is aimed at helping learners work towards a career in Adult Support Services. For more information, please see below.

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