International Fee Payment and Refund Policy 2016/2017

International fees

Information in this policy applies to students who will be applying to study at Colchester Institute and hold or will apply to enter the UK on a Tier 4 general student visa or student visitor visa under the UK Home Office Tier 4 Points Based System. The payment methods have been set in accordance with our duties as Highly Trusted Sponsors and are non-negotiable. International students who do not require a visa to study at Colchester Institute must read the Further Education Fee Policy or the Higher Education Fee Policy.

Full-time Overseas fees 2016/2017

English as Foreign Language (EFL) £2050- £4100
Further Education (FE) £5750 per academic year
Higher Education (HE) £7950 per academic year
Included In The Tuition Fees
Support for Dyslexia
Advance payment of Tuition Fees
Preventing Hardship
Visa Extensions