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Recent Employers to Pledge

Company: MRL Production Ltd
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1
Company: Maxwells Chocolates Ltd
Apprenticeships Pledged: 3
Company: Wenbar Ltd
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1
Company: Man Plumbing Ltd
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1
Company: Essex Industrial Doors Ltd
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1
Company: TES2000
Apprenticeships Pledged: 30
Company: Clarice House
Apprenticeships Pledged: 10
Company: Informa Ltd
Apprenticeships Pledged: 5
Company: Munchkins Nursery & Preschool
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1
Company: The Bakehouse
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1
Company: Oakpark Security Ltd
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1
Company: Aldeburgh House
Apprenticeships Pledged: 10

Company: Linklaters
Apprenticeships Pledged: 1

Company: Bolton Aerospace
Apprenticeships Pledged: 8

100 Apprenticeships in 100 days

Colchester Institute is encouraging local businesses to offer employment opportunities to young people in 2014, by setting the challenge of providing 100 Apprenticeships in 100 days, starting on 5th of March 2014.

Apprenticeships are a great way for businesses to employ new staff, and a great way for young people to enter the world of work. We offer Apprenticeship programmes at a number of levels and in a wide variety of subject areas.

Launched by Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell, we are running the campaign supported by the National Apprenticeship Service to find jobs with Apprenticeship training for 100 young people, in and around the Colchester area, in 100 days.  We are asking local businesses of all sizes to join our cause and pledge to support a young person through an Apprenticeship programme.  This could be an existing employee engaging in a new job role that would benefit from a qualification, or you may have a job opportunity that you could offer to someone who is seeking employment.

All apprentices aged 16-18 are fully funded, and for apprentices aged 19+ you will be asked to make a contribution to the cost of the training.  If you have not had an apprentice within the last 12 months your organisation can apply to access a grant of £1,500 to help with the cost of training and mentoring.  Some qualifications carry additional top up grants, available through Essex County Council*.

There is a vast array of qualifications supported by Apprenticeships so please join our 100 in 100 campaign by completing the pledge form below and one of our team will contact you to see what opportunities you can offer.

Please PLEDGE your support here today:

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*All grants and funding are age related and subject to eligibility